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About the Threats
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More children are using the Internet than ever before. Unfortunately, these children are being targeted by a growing number of pedophiles and other Internet threats.

The US Internet Crimes Taskforce (USICT) reports:

In 2003, research by Symantec revealed that 80% of children between ages 7 and 18 in the USA receive inappropriate spam each day.

The Washington Times reported in October 2003 that 56 child predators were arrested in New York and New Jersey as a part of Operation Predator. Michael J. Garcia, director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stated that since Operation Predator was launched in July, ICE has arrested 1,300 child predators and sex offenders nationwide.

Wired News reported in August 2003 that websites for child pornography have more than doubled worldwide in the past year.

More pedophiles are also being caught by the police. In January 2004, UK charity NCH reported a 1,500% increase. "549 child porn offenders were either cautioned or charged in 2001, compared with only 35 in 1988."

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