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Who is Simon Johnson?

Simon Johnson is an IT security expert and a Dad. He wrote Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet to give ordinary parents and their kids the benefit of his extensive experience and knowledge.

Simon has worked as an IT security consultant to many large Australian and overseas companies. He holds a Bachelor in Computing from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

The Story Behind the Book

Here, in his own words, is why Simon wrote Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet:

"In 2002, I left a corporate IT job and a six figure salary to spend time with my wife Anna prior the birth of my first daughter, Amelie. Like most parents we spent considerable time planning for the arrival of our daughter - but I couldn't prepare for how it changed me.

Amelie's birth put my life into perspective. After she arrived, I had no desire to return to full-time corporate life straight away. I wanted to do something meaningful and positive - something with impact! While I didn't immediately know what that was, I was open to ideas.

I had been using the Internet to send friends and family some pictures of Amelie. At the time I was receiving an average of 100 inappropriate, spam e-mail messages a day! While fixing my spam problem, it occurred to me that I wouldn't like my daughter to receive this junk. I thought, "Well if I can protect companies from Internet threats like spam, then why can't I protect my own daughter?" I then had a look around for software, books, reviews - anything I could find on the topic of protecting children online. Unfortunately, everything I looked at was either outdated or completely useless.

Discussions with my wife, friends, family and anyone with children, revealed that everyone was in the same situation. There were few independent, comprehensive resources that parents could use for information on how to protect their children on the Internet. Sure, there were a couple of parenting web sites, some out of date software surveys, but there was simply nothing available that was current and covered all the major risks.

Now, I'm lucky in that I am trained to evaluate software products and see through "marketing hype" - but how about the typical parent?

It then dawned on me that I could help parents by writing a book that they could use to protect their children! Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet is that book.

Read it, use it, share it. Together we can help our kids benefit from the Internet without fear."

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