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Book Reviews

"a timely book and should be read by all parents of children who use the Internet, whether at school or at home. It is the most thorough and useful text I have seen on the subject... An exceptionally good reference and resource that deserves a place in any library. A book that should be brought to the attention of parents by schools and community organisations." - Major Keary, Book News, No. 15, 2004 (Australia). Read the review.

"possibly the most timely publication in memory... He's done it so well, in fact, that this book serves perfectly well as an adult's general guide to computer security." - Sun Herald, October 24, 2004 (Australia). Read the review.

"practical advice for worried parents." - Woman's Day, October 2004 (Australia).

"an incredibly good resource...the book is very much up-to-date (which is always a huge challenge in the computer world!) and provides lots of information about the real threats to your children on the Internet, and what you can do about them." - City Parent (Canada). Read the review.

"An essential guide for parents whose kids know more about PCs than they do."- PC Utilities (UK). Read the review.

"For parents of computer-savvy kids, this book is a must read."- Miami Herald (USA). Read the review.

"Simon Johnson looks to educate parents about the dangers to their children and suggests ways to protect them"- Publishers Weekly, September 20, 2004 (USA). Read the review.

"A useful overview of the options available for improving the online safety of children."- Australian Personal Computer Magazine, September 2004. Read the review.

"Rather than offering a diatribe on the dangers of the Web, Johnson offers a practical, well-researched guide to help parents minimize the Internets potential drawbacks." - Publishers Weekly, July 2004 (USA). Read the review.

"Handy is the word that sums up this book. It gives a broad picture of the major online threats that can snare children, and the software arsenal that parents can use to keep these at bay." - Computer Times, July 2004 (Singapore). Read the review.

"The strengths of the book are that the author sees safety for children as a subset of the wider issue of Internet security. By protecting our computers and ourselves we also begin the task of protecting our children. For those of us whose heads have long been abuzz with such terms as “firewall,” “filtering,” “virus,” or “phishing,” the work serves as a systematic introduction to computer security. Using it as a guide, one could effectively heighten the security on a home computer system, as well as guide a neophyte user, whether child or adult, through the dangers of the Internet." - The Journal for Education, Community and Values. Read the review.

"If you read anything about Internet safety then you should read this book. Internet safety expert Simon Johnson has given the global community a gift of knowledge and research. This is information that no family should be without." -- David J. Evangelista, Executive Director / Founder of The United States Internet Crime Task Force, Inc.

"A very valuable resource for families wishing to educate their children towards a safer and responsible use of the Internet". Núria Quintana Compte, SafeBorders project (European Commission's Safer Internet Programme).

"Simon Johnson provides concise, clear explanations with good analogies, practical examples and no technobabble. He describes the various options available to internet users and why some of these are more attractive to children. This together with information on the combination of software necessary to protect young users will prove very beneficial to parents who want their youngsters to take advantage of the riches of the internet without being exposed to its dangers." Marcellina Mian, President, ISPCAN (The International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect), USA.

"This book solves many of the internet's mysteries, helping parents to build the confidence they need." Senator Kate Lundy, Shadow Minister for the Arts, Sport and Information Technology, Australian Labor Party.

"An easy to follow, practical and understandable guide for families to make their own and their children's Internet use a safer experience. As an Internet safety expert Simon Johnson provides an invaluable and authoritative perspective which we can all benefit from." Bernadette McMenamin, National Director of Child Wise.

"The book is easy to read and remarkable for its simple explanations. Simon Johnson demystifies the Internet for parents and enables them to understand how children are using the tool today, its possible dangers, and some safeguards that can be taken. Simon employs his professional IT security knowledge and experience to equip the reader with a sound understanding of the Internet and how to get the most out of it. This book should provide tips for parents on the issues posed by a challenging cyber world in which we live with." -- Mrs Carmee Lim, Chairman, Parents Advisory Group for the Internet, Singapore.

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